Simple flavoured Spinach stew with coconut

  I have an unwritten rule at my place, greens once every week at the least. One  of the favourite and easily available greens being Spinach. There are so many ways of making spinach. This one is my mum’s all-time favourite. As a child I hated this stew and my brother loved it, because it had the tangyness element absent in it. I was always told off by my mum for being so fussy with food. When I became a mum myself,  I so understood how helpless my mum felt with me rejecting greens. So I decided to make sure my … Continue reading Simple flavoured Spinach stew with coconut

Herby Potato curry

  This is an adaptation of the Pakistani dish Aloo aka Potato Bhujiya. As always I have adapted it to suit our household taste and also the availability of local ingredients. What I like about this dish is the simplicity of it, it’s not too heavily spiced and the usage of mild flavours which enhances the taste of the dish. It’s fairly easy to make except for the time taken for slicing the potato part. So without further delay, here is the recipe.   Ingredients required Potatoes – 3 large , peeled and sliced into quarter of an inch thickness. … Continue reading Herby Potato curry

Sweet and sour butternut squash curry

There are times when I miss not being able to get most of the traditional Indian vegetables, which make the traditional Indian curry recipes. In an effort to try and include the local produce both vegetables and other ingredients available easily into our daily meals is both challenging and healthy for both body and the pocket. So here is another humble attempt at recreating a traditional curry recipe out of non-traditional ingredients like butternut squash which is not a typical Indian vegetable but a close cousin of some of the vegetables locally grown in the Indian sub-continent. This recipe turns … Continue reading Sweet and sour butternut squash curry

Wholesome stew of greens, vegetables and lentils / Saibhaji

This recipe is noting but a medley , a assortment of vegetables, greens , lentils and flavours making it very wholesome , nutrious and yummy.  This is classic Sindhi recipe which I have tweaked a little to suit our taste buds and also use the local produce. I have also tried to incorporate the greens from my home veggie patch which i never have a heart to throw away like beetroot greens, kohlrabi greens, which are not used in the traditional recipe. With the vegetables too, you can pick and choose what you want or have. But please do avoid … Continue reading Wholesome stew of greens, vegetables and lentils / Saibhaji